Huey Lewis and Other News

The Great White Way is getting a little hipper. Musician Huey Lewis is the latest "star" to strut his stuff on Broadway in Chicago. Everyone who buys a ticket will need a new drug to make it through the performance. Huey Lewis to Star in 'Chicago' on B'way [Newsday.com]

Pauly Shore is a sex addict. Good luck with that whole thing, Buuuuuuuuuudyyyyy!
Pauly Shore A Sex Addict [softpedia.com]

Sienna cheated first, but with "someone" hotter. Take that, Jude!
Remainders: Blind Item, Schmind Item [Gawker]

Tom Arnold may be the wisest man in Hollywood. The former Mr. Roseanne told Entertainment Weekly that he warned his next-door neighbors, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, to "be careful." Because no one else in the free world could see the horrific result of this union churning out something horrible. Britney, the Girl Next Door [NY Daily News]