In the Can, Tucan Sam

In the latest issue of InStyle Home, Mariah Carey discusses her "Hello Kitty"-themed bathroom. If that's not scary enough, Mimi claims that "Lindsay Lohan, Sean Lennon and I had a jam session in there the other night. They were obsessed with my Hello Kitty bathroom."

UPDATE: A Feder-Fetus Grows in Brooklyn

I headed over to Brooklyn today (in the pouring rain) to see the birth of Sean Preston Federline immortalized in clay in all his crowning-out glory. Honestly, it's really not half it's cracked up to be. There were literally two people there (one of them being me and the other being my friend who dragged me there), three if you count Ted Williams' sculpted decapitated head staring down at us. The best part was the "It's a Boy" blue ballons and cookies that the artist situated around good old Brit.

Britney Sculpture Causes Uproar [ITV.com]


Ice Age Triumphs Over Stone Age

This weekend's box office numbers are in and in not-so-suprising news, Basic Instinct 2 proved to be a total flop. Raking in only $3.2 million dollars, the "sexy" sequel tied Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector as the 10th-most seen movie of the weekend. Ice Age froze out the rest of the competition raking in $70.5 million.

"Ice Age" Freezes Out "Instinct" [E! Online]