It's About Time!

Hard-partying Colin Farrell has checked himself into a rehab center citing "exhaustion and dependency on prescription medication." Colin Farrell Treated for Dependency on Meds [MSN.com]


Married...With Children

So...it looks like Brad "missing and insensitive chip" and the blood-sucking Angelina Jolie have gotten married or will be getting married in the next 24 hours in Sarasota, Florida, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. Developing... [Marry, Marry] Pink Is the New Blog


Hawaii Drunk-O

Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros, stars of the ABC hit, Lost, were arrested by Honolulu cops this week and charged with drunk driving. The po-po caught up with Rodriguez and Watros, who were weaving on the same highway 15 minutes apart. Both actresses failed field sobriety tests and charged with driving under the influence. The girls were released after posting $500 bail. The Lost Girls [The Smoking Gun]

Marilyn Manson Marriage Details

Shock rocker Marilyn Manson will reportedly marry his girlfriend Dita Von Teese in Ireland this evening. Manson to Marry Von Teese In Ireland [KGET.com]

Meanwhile, the last thing Manson's well-known ex, Rose McGowan, did that was worth any press was attending Tara Reid's 30th Birthday party. Reid’s Mom Made Sure Birthday Girl Behaved [MSN.com]


Here Fishy, Fishy!

Oh Jess, looks like lying doesn't make your nose grow, it makes your lips swell up beyond recognition!

Click on image for larger view

Garner Goes on Extended Maternity Leave

Jennifer Garner gave birth to a Willy Wonka wonder this week when she pooped out a baby girl she's named Violet. Luckily, Garner's show Alias was just cancelled and her husband Ben Affleck as no semblence of a career right now. Looks like the new parents will have plenty of time to help raise the new baby. Congrats!
Garner, Affleck Welcome a Baby Daughter


Donna Martin Procreates!

CTV's eTalk Daily has revealed that Tori Spelling and Canadian actor Dean McDermott are expecting a baby. In the exclusive report eTalk Daily's correspondent Lainey reports that Spelling and McDermott were in Toronto last week to meet McDermott's family and give them the news. Who's going to be on hand to break the news to papa Aaaron that he just blew hundreds of thosands of dollars on a crazy-wedding less than 18 months ago for Tori, only to have her find a new man, get divorced and get preggers in the same amount of time? Sources Tell eTalk Daily That Tori Spelling Is Pregnant! [Yahoo]


Michael J. Is Not the Father

Michael Jackson's ex, Debbie Rowe, is finally coming clean and letting the world know that Wacko is not the biological father of Prince Michael Jr. and Paris. Rowe claims that an anonymous sperm-bank donor was used when she conceived and gave birth to the two children. Jackson's Ex: 'Michael Is Not the Natural Father' [SF Gate]


Mischa Does Maui!

With Loch Ness-Modified mullet-wielding boyfriend Cisco Adler in tow!

[Images via JJB]


Katie Holmes Thrown Out of Theater

That's not a vibrator in her pocket, Katie Holmes is just happy to see you! Mrs. Tom Cruise-to-be was thrown out of a movie theater in California this weekend because the "vibrating device" she was using on her stomach was disturbing fellow film goers. Katie Holmes Thrown Out of Film Over Vibrating Device [SouthFlorida.com]

Saturday Night Eva

Eva Longoria gets a bad rap for her man-eating ways both on and off Desperate Housewives, but the sultry Latina strutted her stuff and talent as a Saturday Night Live guest this weekend. The girl knew her lines, never looked at the prompt and made a better Teri Hatcher in the Vanity Fair skit than old skin-and-bones Susan herself. You go Eva!


Oh Come All Ye Unfaithful

Jessica Simpson caught a vieiwing of Walk the Line this weekend with Trace Ayala, who is engaged to actress Elisha Cuthbert.

[Images via JJB]

What a Girl Wants

Christina Aguilera tied the knot with music executive Jordan Bratman tonight in a ceremony at Staglin Family Vineyard in northern California's Napa Valley. Aguilera Reportedly Marries Music Exec [ABC News]

Could Kimberly Stewart and Talan Torriero also gotten married tonight in a quicky Vegas ceremony? Going To The Chapel... [Perez Hilton]

MK Over the Giant; Back With Ex

Looks like Mary Kate Olsen is over the Giant and riding shotgun with ex David Katzenberg. Word on the street is that Katz has been hanging out with Nicky Hilton as well...How many more men can one girl lose to a Hilton?


Standing in the Shadows of Love

Now that's one cuddly baby, ain't it Vince?



Sign #435 That Your Career Has Tanked

You perform at a 13 year old's Bat Mitzvah in Florida. And your name is Ja Rule (aka Uncle Ja), Ashanti and/or Omarion. Teenager Lands the Stars at Her Bat Mitzvah [Daily Dish]

Your pet monkey, Baby Luv, attacks you and The Giant dumps you all in the same week.
Paris Hilton Bitten By Her Pet Monkey [Spotlighting News]
Paris Hilton Gets Dumped [Dose]

There is a strategic game on the Internet that challenges you to wax the chest hair of of you, one of our most revered actors.

Wax on Wax Hoff [via Popbitch]

Just For the Taste of It

Because irony is a cruel, cruel vixen named Kate Moss.

Click on image for larger view:



Is Paris Hilton Balding?

In more proof that there is a God, it looks like Paris Hilton might be balding. Click on image for a larger view of the bird's nest:


[Image via JJB]


Woo-Hoo Witchy Woman

A leading voodoo expert is claiming that Angelina Jolie put a curse on Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's relationship by placing the remnants of a bat in Pitt's glove compartment, which was later found by one of Aniston's friends. Pitt claimed the vial was simply a gift for good luck, but in the world of black magic, bat remains are almost exclusively used for spells to ruin relationships.

Angelina Jolie's Love Curse [Female First]


You Say It's Your Birthday

Happy 43rd birthday to Demi Moore! Today she is officially 16 years older than her hubby.

It's also Carson Kressley's, Calista Flockhart's and Leonardo DiCaprio's special day.

Love on an Escalator

Because Dante never said what your mode of transportation would be to enter the seventh concentric circle of hell.

Sharon Osbourne Needs to Shut Up

Sharon, you've gone too far this time. And we're not referring to your plastic surgery.

Osbourne Blasts Mother Teresa

The Truth About Book Sales

At the end of the day...let the Amazon.com ratings do the talking:

Nicole Richie: The Truth About Diamonds
# Amazon.com Sales Rank:
Today: #387 in Books

Paris Hilton: Confessions of an Heiress
# Amazon.com Sales Rank:
Today: #2,540 in Books

Because One Wax Figure Deserves Another

Brooke Sheilds dated Michael Jackson when he was "normal." For a present, she thought she'd make him a wax figure of herself because MJ loves them mannequins.

Shields' Mannequin for Michael [contactmusic.com]


Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Somehow, between getting into car crashes, making porn videos and throwing out the lazy eye, Paris Hilton makes time to prank call ex-BFF, Nicole Richie every night. As if more proof was needed of this absolute waste of space. Is Paris Hilton prank calling Nicole Richie? [MSN]

We know that Fergie sucks, but she's going to be on The Sopranos this coming season as an undercover cop/stipper. Fergie Farting On TV [Perez Hilton]

My Eyes Are Bleeding

Star Jones has a very special treat for her loyal followers. Her Web site StarJones.com is reporting that "on November 13th (our one-year wedding anniversary and second anniversary of the day we met), we will update our wedding website with never-before-seen photos from our wedding, our honeymoon and this wonderful year together." Considered yourself forewarned.

Terrible Twosomes [NY Daily News]


Best eBay Item. Ever

Now is your chance to own a piece of Tori Spelling history. For a starting bid of only $250, you could win the wedding favor from Tori and Charlie's wedding. The favor is a beautiful silver plated aromatic candle holder in the shape of a Champagne bottle, but the real prize is the included set of matches which say "Tori and Charlie, a Perfect Match." Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Papa Spelling.

Wedding Favor From Tori Spelling's (Actual) Wedding [eBay.com]

Paris Had a Weed Named After Her?

Nicole Richie's novel, The Truth About Diamonds, has some not-so-subtle comparisons to ex-BFF Paris Hilton. The character of "Simone" is a "an all-around professional fake-rich girl."

In one excerpt Richie describes how Simone used the word [bleep] after a row with a black man, a reference to a similar incident last August when Hilton was accused of using the word.

Another section of the text describes Simone boasting about having a strain of marijuana named after her. A friend tells Inside TV magazine, "Paris always bragged about how she had a type of weed named after her back in high school."

Other similarities include a mockery of Hilton's habit of stealing catchphrases from other people and the way she allegedly tried to hog the camera on the set of "The Simple Life."

Richie Slams Hilton in Novel [SF Gate]

Desperado, Why Don't You Come to Your Senses?

Desperate Housewives' castoff, Page
Kennedy, was fired for flashing his co-stars
on the set.

Courteney Cox is reportedly in talks to
guest star on Desperate Housewives as
an escaped mental patient.

Elton John wants to be on Desperate
but no one is interested.

Jessica Simpson's Gotta Listen to Her Peeps

In probably his most interesting interview to date, Access Hollywood's Billy Bush got in trouble with Jessica Simpson's publicist and later got a call on his celly from Joe himself.

Jessica Simpson Goes Silent [Access Hollywood]


Katie Big-As-a-Home

[Image Via JJB]


The Giant Is a Jerk

Paris Hilton's new man, Stavros Niarchos III (the Giant), is a bigger ass than she is. Over the weekend MK's old flame offered a homeless man $100 to dump a soda on himself.

A Real Soda Jerk [NY Post]


Some Guys Have All the Luck

Definite Upgrade for Cisco Adler: The hipster Jesus lookalike is getting it on with Mischa Barton. He had previously been engaged to Kimberly Stewart.

Images via PerezHilton.com


Guess the Costume

What in the hell is Paris Hilton dressed up like this Halloween? E-mail us your guesses.

Ho-Han and the Ho-pper

Woah. Lindz Lohan has gone back to her "more natural" hair color and old ways of partying in the bathroom. According to a Defamer reader, Lohan went el Dutch in a Hollywood restroom with a male companion:

Um, last night the new brunette lindsay lohan came out of a bathroom stall at teddy’s(new bar inside the roosevelt), i tried to go into it after, but alas there was someone still in there-a man! in the ladies room! with lindsay! what were they doing?

Lindsay Lohan's Bathroom Antics [via Egotastic]

A Celeb Baby Is Born in Brooklyn

Michelle Williams has given birth to Heath Ledger's child.

Heath's a Dad [The Sunday Times]


Oh No You Didn't!

"When I freak out, I say to myself, Dude!
Relax! Just write 10 things you are
grateful for." - Ricky Martin

Robert Blake has just bought Vitellos, the restaurant
where his wife was murdered. He was accused of the
killing, but was acquitted earlier this year.

via popbitch


Relationship Death Watch: Josh & Fergie

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are unofficially over! We estimate 10 days until an announcement is released. Lara Flynn Boyle has gotten her hands on the hunky actor and she isn't letting go.

Could Leo and Giselle be on the same road to splitsville??

Could Jessica Simpson Be Pregnant?

We know...it's a long shot. Being "pregnant" often implies sex. But if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can "do it" so can Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. You be the judge.

Click on photos for larger images:

Photos via JJB

It's Janet, Miss Mommy If You Nasty

Janet Jackson is the mother of an 18-year old daughter whom she somehow managed to keep a secret all these years. So many questions. First, how does one breast-feed a child when a nipple clamp is present, and second, how did the family manage to keep the child a secret from Michael this long?

Report: Janet Jackson Has Teen Daughter [WFAA.com]


It's a Nice Day for a Pink Wedding

EXCLUSIVE: Pink & Carey Hart Got Married! [PerezHilton.com]

Chicks Before Greeks

Remember that episode of Full House where Uncle Jesse and Joey were fighting over the same hard-rocking, full-out headbanging metal chick? Neither do we...but at any rate, the end of the episode had the two mullet-heads realizing that their friendship was more valuable than a quickie in the kitchen while baby Michelle slept soundly upstairs. Unfortunately, Paris Hilton missed the moral of the story and is not only shacking up with friend Mary Kate Olsens' ex Stravos, but is flaunting it four ways til Monday. Check out the PDA in the pics.


Beefcake Braffster

For all of those out there that still believe Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody are an item off-screen, think again. Zach Braff has ditched Mandy Moore and is painting Canada red with Bilson and every other college co-ed within ten feet. Don't believe us? Take a look at these pics.


The Federlines Resurface...

Cornrows, jean shorts, flip-flops and all.


Fearless Foursome?

The latest Paris Hilton news is the paparazzi-powered fight that took place outside Mood Wednesday night in Los Angeles (yawn)...

The REAL news here is that Paris was hanging out with the flirtatious duo of Lindsay Lohan and Bruce Willis with some very single Eddie Murphy in the mix. The fight may have overshadowed any hook-up that "might" have taken place between Lohan and Willis, but rest assured that that news will soon take center stage as soon as everyone gets over the engagement break-off by the end of this weekend.

Friday Fun With Anagrams!

This week we're launching a whole new spin on our editorial coverage. Since it's Friday, our brains are fried and the letters are starting to look blurry. That's why it's the perfect time for celebrity anagrams. E-mail us with any that you come up with, as they are sure to be funnier than what we've generated:



The Freaks Come Out at Night

Breaking: Vaniston spotted roaming the streets of Chicago.



The Stench of Death

Singer Marilyn Manson is in the final stages of launching his own fragrance. The scent will debut next fall and a full line of cosmetics is said to follow. Luckily, you will be able to obtain your own "Designer Imposter" for less than pennies by mixing your own blood and feces and dusting your nose with baby powder.