Friends Fan Gets Medieval on Jolie

A crazy lady wearing a Friends T-shirt reportedly tried to slap Angelina Jolie in Berlin's Nola Restaurant, where Jolie was dining with Brad Pitt. The woman marched in the restaurant screaming, "Where is that home wrecking Angelina?" and lunged for the pregnant vixen. No one was hurt, as Jolie's bodyguards intervened. No word if the woman was sent by Jennifer A....
It Was Only A Matter Of Time [PerezHilton.com]

Sheryl Crow Finally Realizes Lance Is an Ass

Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow have split after two years of dating. Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow Split [People.com]


Mailyn Manson: Angelina's Next Victim?

Marilyn Manson has offered Angelina Jolie a role in his new movie, "Phantasmagora: The Visions of Lewis Carroll." Manson plans to play the "Alice in Wonderland" author, and Jolie has been approached to be cast as the Red Queen. Jolie To Star with Manson? [SF Gate]

Their Love Is Like Bad Medicine

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora are calling it quits after 11 years. Locklear filed for divorce today citing "irreconcilable differences." Heather Locklear Files for Divorce [People.com]

Former Full House star, Jodi Sweetin, is also getting divorced. Oh yeah, and she was also a meth addict. Meth Addiction Led Jodie Sweetin of 'Full House' to Live 'Double Life' [Fox News]

Sienna Miller used Jude Law to further her career. Because what else could she possibly see in him? Sienna Miller Used Ex Fiancé Jude Law to Help Her Career [The Bosh]