Well, Well, Well, Ring That Wedding Bell

Jessica McClure ("Baby Jessica") got married this weekend to a 32-year old. She's 19. The two met at daycare center where the groom's sister worked with McClure. There are still a few gifts left for gift giving on their Wal-Mart Registry so act now! 'Baby Jessica' Marries Small-Town Sweetheart [People]

It's All About the "O"

Oprah has been taking this James Frey "Million Little Pieces" scandal quite personally. Several of her staffers are quoted as saying O's "very stressed out and upset about it." Oprah was so upset, in fact, that on her very special confrontation show this week with Frey she used the word "I" 119 times during the show. But how many times did she use the word "Frey/fry?" Just asking. Frey Fallout: Inside info from Harpo [TMZ]

What is La Lohan doing spending the night at Bryan Adam's London house. And what is she doing walking up the stairs with a ceramic teacup covered with lotion? Doesn't Lins know you put the lotion in the basket? Lotion Slip Up Leaves Lohan in Stitches [contactmusic.com]

Wonder Queers

Double standard alert!

Eddie Murphy picks up a transvestite hooker one time and all of a sudden, he’s the next Paul Reubens, but Fred Savage cruises a gay bar and it’s just harmless hetero research, “sort of.” It's a Gay, Gay Word for Fred Savage [USA Today]


This Cannot Be True

My brain is unable to process the following information: Da Brat and David Gest (Liza Minelli's ex walking wax figure) are hooking up. Please refer to photos for visual vomit.

Image and Info via A Socialite's Life

Best Contests. Ever.

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Taking The Ugly Out Of Barfugly [PerezHilton.com]

How many goals did author James (Jimi) Frey score during his Michigan high school soccer career? [The Smoking Gun]


Shine On You Crazy Diamond

While I'll laugh at anything Star Jones-related, this news article referring to her as a "lightbulb head" is absolutely hysterical. Star Jones Goes Barmy on Radio [All Headline News]

Angelina Jolie says she'll never marry Brad Pitt...why not, Angie? Isn't the third time supposed to be a charm? Angelina Jolie Says: "We Will Never Marry" [Star Pulse]

Breaking: David Lee Roth is impossible to work with. You might as well "jump" ship because if you are on staff and you were not already aware of this 20 years ago, then you be crazy. Things Unraveling Quickly For David Lee Roth [Post Chronicle]


Ill Communication

What's the mysterious illness plaguing Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz? At this week's Sundance Film Festival, it was reported that Horowitz had developed a bad reaction to flash photography and that lensmen were not permitted to use flashes at the event.

Page Six [New York Post]

Linds Vs. Yoko

There have been several reports recently that La Lohan might be dating Sean Lennon (and Jared Leto and Bruce Willis and whoever else buys her a drink for the night). The two met when Lindsay was researching for her new movie, “Chapter 27,” which chronicles the murder of Sean's father, John Lennon. This recent friendship can't make mom Yoko Ono happy, considering she tried to halt filming of Lindsay's movie outside the Dakota this week. Enter the dragon...

Lindsay Lohan Dating Sean Lennon [All Headline News]
Ono Tries to Halt Filming of Movie About Lennon's Killer
[Fox News]


Lost Stars Engaged

Lost stars Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly are reportedly engaged. The rumor comes only hours after the castmates received a raise ranging from $20,000 to $40,000 more per episode for a third series of the hit show.

Evangeline Lilly Engaged [Female First]

Crude Jude Goes Home

Jude Law and Sienna Miller have broken up for the one millionth time. Not exactly exciting news, except for the fact that Law reportedly is moving back in with the ex-wife, Sadie Frost, while he shoots a new movie in California. Why pay for a nanny when you can get one for free?

Jude Law & Sienna Miller Split For Good? The Post Chronicle


Paris Nixes Hef

There IS one thing Paris Hilton won't do. The socialite claims that Playboy maven, Hugh Hefner, has been hassling her since the ripe age of 17 to pose in his magazine.

“They’ve asked me a million times. He has been after me since I was 17, and I was offered a lot of money. I will never do it. Why? Because I am Paris Hilton.”

Paris does, however, have no qualms about making sex tapes. Why? Because she's Paris Hilton.

Paris Snubs Playboy Offer [Mumbai Mirror]


Down the Hatch

Say it ain't so. Tight-as-a-drum Teri Hatcher and George Clooney have been spotted. Together. And we thought Teri was the desperate one.

Are George Clooney & Teri Hatcher an Item? People News


Tyra Banks: Mega-Bitch

Surreal Life star Adrianne Curry is lashing out at Tyra Banks in an interview in the February issue of Playboy, reports New York Daily News.

"She's really mean. She's Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde," says Curry. "She can be the sweetest person in the world, but once that camera is off, she's Naomi Campbell, in your face."

Curry also goes on to talk in length about her romantic relationship with real-life beau, Christopher Knight, in the mag. Except nobody cares about that.

'Top Model' Winner Bashes Tyra Banks (AZCentral)