Guess the Costume

What in the hell is Paris Hilton dressed up like this Halloween? E-mail us your guesses.

Ho-Han and the Ho-pper

Woah. Lindz Lohan has gone back to her "more natural" hair color and old ways of partying in the bathroom. According to a Defamer reader, Lohan went el Dutch in a Hollywood restroom with a male companion:

Um, last night the new brunette lindsay lohan came out of a bathroom stall at teddy’s(new bar inside the roosevelt), i tried to go into it after, but alas there was someone still in there-a man! in the ladies room! with lindsay! what were they doing?

Lindsay Lohan's Bathroom Antics [via Egotastic]

A Celeb Baby Is Born in Brooklyn

Michelle Williams has given birth to Heath Ledger's child.

Heath's a Dad [The Sunday Times]


Oh No You Didn't!

"When I freak out, I say to myself, Dude!
Relax! Just write 10 things you are
grateful for." - Ricky Martin

Robert Blake has just bought Vitellos, the restaurant
where his wife was murdered. He was accused of the
killing, but was acquitted earlier this year.

via popbitch


Relationship Death Watch: Josh & Fergie

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are unofficially over! We estimate 10 days until an announcement is released. Lara Flynn Boyle has gotten her hands on the hunky actor and she isn't letting go.

Could Leo and Giselle be on the same road to splitsville??

Could Jessica Simpson Be Pregnant?

We know...it's a long shot. Being "pregnant" often implies sex. But if Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes can "do it" so can Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. You be the judge.

Click on photos for larger images:

Photos via JJB

It's Janet, Miss Mommy If You Nasty

Janet Jackson is the mother of an 18-year old daughter whom she somehow managed to keep a secret all these years. So many questions. First, how does one breast-feed a child when a nipple clamp is present, and second, how did the family manage to keep the child a secret from Michael this long?

Report: Janet Jackson Has Teen Daughter [WFAA.com]


It's a Nice Day for a Pink Wedding

EXCLUSIVE: Pink & Carey Hart Got Married! [PerezHilton.com]

Chicks Before Greeks

Remember that episode of Full House where Uncle Jesse and Joey were fighting over the same hard-rocking, full-out headbanging metal chick? Neither do we...but at any rate, the end of the episode had the two mullet-heads realizing that their friendship was more valuable than a quickie in the kitchen while baby Michelle slept soundly upstairs. Unfortunately, Paris Hilton missed the moral of the story and is not only shacking up with friend Mary Kate Olsens' ex Stravos, but is flaunting it four ways til Monday. Check out the PDA in the pics.


Beefcake Braffster

For all of those out there that still believe Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody are an item off-screen, think again. Zach Braff has ditched Mandy Moore and is painting Canada red with Bilson and every other college co-ed within ten feet. Don't believe us? Take a look at these pics.


The Federlines Resurface...

Cornrows, jean shorts, flip-flops and all.


Fearless Foursome?

The latest Paris Hilton news is the paparazzi-powered fight that took place outside Mood Wednesday night in Los Angeles (yawn)...

The REAL news here is that Paris was hanging out with the flirtatious duo of Lindsay Lohan and Bruce Willis with some very single Eddie Murphy in the mix. The fight may have overshadowed any hook-up that "might" have taken place between Lohan and Willis, but rest assured that that news will soon take center stage as soon as everyone gets over the engagement break-off by the end of this weekend.

Friday Fun With Anagrams!

This week we're launching a whole new spin on our editorial coverage. Since it's Friday, our brains are fried and the letters are starting to look blurry. That's why it's the perfect time for celebrity anagrams. E-mail us with any that you come up with, as they are sure to be funnier than what we've generated:



The Freaks Come Out at Night

Breaking: Vaniston spotted roaming the streets of Chicago.



The Stench of Death

Singer Marilyn Manson is in the final stages of launching his own fragrance. The scent will debut next fall and a full line of cosmetics is said to follow. Luckily, you will be able to obtain your own "Designer Imposter" for less than pennies by mixing your own blood and feces and dusting your nose with baby powder.

Take a Sad Song and Make It Better

Sienna Miller and Jude Law have split for good this time. After Law admitted to having an ongoing affair with the nanny three months ago, it seemed as though the pair was trying to work it out. Now reports are insisting that Miller has been having her own affair with costar Daniel Craig for quite some time. Law threw her out of their London home over the weekend. Payback's a bitch.