Paris Had a Weed Named After Her?

Nicole Richie's novel, The Truth About Diamonds, has some not-so-subtle comparisons to ex-BFF Paris Hilton. The character of "Simone" is a "an all-around professional fake-rich girl."

In one excerpt Richie describes how Simone used the word [bleep] after a row with a black man, a reference to a similar incident last August when Hilton was accused of using the word.

Another section of the text describes Simone boasting about having a strain of marijuana named after her. A friend tells Inside TV magazine, "Paris always bragged about how she had a type of weed named after her back in high school."

Other similarities include a mockery of Hilton's habit of stealing catchphrases from other people and the way she allegedly tried to hog the camera on the set of "The Simple Life."

Richie Slams Hilton in Novel [SF Gate]