Tom Cruise: Career Counselor

Tom Cruise is expanding his control over girlfriend Katie Holmes. Holmes had recently been in talks to take on the much-coveted role of Edie Sedgwick in Factory Girl, but Cruise advised her to turn it down because of Sedgwick’s use of psychotropic drugs (a big Scientology no-no). Tom Cruise is the keeper of infinite wisdom, especially if it puts dollars in his pocket and a beautiful woman on his arm to keep the box-office goers convinced that he is not a homosexual. Too bad he didn’t have the same wisdom bestowed upon him in his early career…let’s take a look at some of Tom’s professional choices:

  • Does Scientology say it’s OK to lose your virginity to a prostitute and then turn your parents' home into a whorehouse like Cruise’s character, Joel Goodsen, did in Risky Business?
  • What is Scientology’s stand on being a hustler like the character Cruise played in The Color of Money?
  • Doesn’t Scientology condemn high-octane vampire attacks like Cruise bestowed in Interview With the Vampire?
  • And, Tom, would your religion say it was prudent to go on a hedonistic binge of sexual encounters like you did in Eyes Wide Shut?

Tom, the rules and teachings of Scientology are so blurred. One minute you tell us to divorce our spouse of ten years and introduce our two children to legions of the women you love, and the next minute you turn around and tell us to not rely on prescription drugs. Your wisdom tells one not to take on jobs that defy religious teachings, but yet you will slut yourself out for any role to make a buck and stay in the limelight. What is truth and what is fiction? We beg of you to clarify.

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