Attack of the D-List Stuffed Crotch

Remember the knife-wielding, jungle-fevah loving bro named Landon from Real World Philadlephia and its brand-extension television venture coined Inferno II? We don't either, but luckily we have his stuffed crotch underwear ad to remember him by. At least he ain't giving it up for free like Alton, Arissa, Steven, Irulan, Frank, Brynn, that crazy slut Trishelle, Willie, Shavonda, Mel, Sarah with the bad-boob job, Bon Jovi, MJ, Karamo, Brad the bug-eyed meathead, Cameran, Frankie, Jacquese, Jamie, Randy, bad-boob job Robin, Danny, David, Julie, Matt, Kelley, Melissa, Steven, Irene, Nathan, David, Janet, Lindsay, Rebecca, Ruthie, horny/pathetic/fat Amaya and ANYONE ELSE THAT IS TOO PATHETIC TO GET A JOB AND LIVE A NORMAL LIVE.