Wanna Waller in the Back of Your Impala

Who exactly are the lovely ladies that were pictured with Mel Gibson (aka "MG") on the Post this morning? We have a pretty reliable inside source who dropped this e-mail (with camera phone picture) in our inbox this morning:

Hey everyone! I hope that you guys are all doing well. Sorry that I haven't called many of you back, but I've been in LA the past two weeks for work and the time difference made it difficult. Anyway, I wanted to share some crazy stories that happened while I was out there. (I still can't believe the last one!)...

Anyway, the two weeks were great, however, the best story happened this past Thursday. My boss flew in for the last two days of the audit and we headed out to a nice dinner at 'The Ivy' (another restaurant that I've read about!). As we were leaving, a black Escalade with tinted windows pulled up. I knew that it must be a celebrity, so I waited until they opened the door and out stepped Lindsay Lohan and her boyfriend! An entourage of people swept her into the restaurant....it was kind of crazy. Anyway, after we left dinner we went to our hotel to change and then headed to a bar in Malibu. The bar was awesome....it had a huge deck over the ocean. To make a long story, short.......Mel Gibson ended up walking in. I saw him and went over to introduce myself. When I walked up to him he smiled and gave me a hug. I grabbed his hand and told him that I wanted to introduce him to my co-workers. I brought him over to where they were standing and he bought me a drink. He proceeded to give me and my male co-worker a kiss on the cheek! He ended up partying with us for the next 2 1/2 hours! At one point he was standing at the bar across from me and making faces at me (sticking his tounge out, etc...) so I stuck mine out back at him. He reached over the bar and grabbed a bottle of Grey Goose from behind the bar and kept filling our glasses up......so needless to say, the night started to get a little fuzzy. (Yesterday my manager told me that he knew he was buzzed, but all of a sudden was pretty drunk and couldn't figure it out. He said that he then remembered that Mel kept topping his glass off!) I know that I lost sight of him for a minute and when I found him, I walked up and kicked him in the butt. Apparently, he turned around and came back over to talk. My co-worker (who was driving) said that I kept calling him 'MG' all night. At 2:30ish, the bar was closing and we were being shuffled out. My co-worker said that I grabbed the keys out of Mel's hands and told him that he wasn't allowed to drive. I guess that I lectured him for awhile and then finally gave them back. Apparently, he whispered something in my ear, but I can't exactly remember all of it. My co-worker offered to drive him home, however, I knew that he wasn't about to step into a rented Chevy Impala with a bunch of strangers. So.....he proceeded to hop into his Lexus and drive off. We found out yesterday that he was arrested with a DUI!!!! I read the story on CNN and E-Online. I can't believe it!!!

Believe it, bitches...and next time, opt for the upgrade at Hertz.