It's All About the "O"

Oprah has been taking this James Frey "Million Little Pieces" scandal quite personally. Several of her staffers are quoted as saying O's "very stressed out and upset about it." Oprah was so upset, in fact, that on her very special confrontation show this week with Frey she used the word "I" 119 times during the show. But how many times did she use the word "Frey/fry?" Just asking. Frey Fallout: Inside info from Harpo [TMZ]

What is La Lohan doing spending the night at Bryan Adam's London house. And what is she doing walking up the stairs with a ceramic teacup covered with lotion? Doesn't Lins know you put the lotion in the basket? Lotion Slip Up Leaves Lohan in Stitches [contactmusic.com]